Importance and Purpose of Using Euphemisms in Writing - A Must-Read Guide for Students

Using Euphemisms in Writing
Euphemisms are very common figures of speech. These words or phrases neutralise the meaning of harsh, offensive, and embarrassing words. These are mostly idiomatic and indirect expressions which replace the harsh and offensive language in writing with more delicate ones. Using euphemisms in writing means neutralising the harshness of certain expressions. These phrases serve many purposes other than making writing look more delicate. Do you know about the other purposes that it serves?

You probably do not know about those because you would not be here if you knew. The good news is that you have just landed on the right platform. In today’s post, we will discuss the importance and purpose of using euphemisms in writing. However, before that, let’s define this term.

What Is A Euphemism In Writing? Explanation With Examples.

Euphemism is a type of figurative language in which a certain topic or idea, which is often considered taboo and offensive, is written in a more friendly way. By using euphemisms in writing, the writer fades away the meaning of the harsh words and presents them in a more neutralised and soft way. Although the use of this language in your writing may seem advantageous to you, many think the use of euphemisms in writing is misleading.

Example Of Euphemisms In Writing

After reading the information above, you know the definition of euphemism. Now, let’s strengthen our practical knowledge of this language by looking at its examples.
  • I have been feeling sick since I came back from school. (Non-euphemism)
  • I have been feeling under the weather since I came back from school. (Euphemism)

The word “under the weather” is the euphemistic version of the word “sick.” You can observe that this word seems more delicate and has delivered the message in a polite manner.

What Is The Importance Of Euphemism In Writing?

Euphemistic language is found both in literature writing and informal writing commonly. But why using this language is important? To better understand this, in this section, we will only discuss its importance in writing. Hence, below are some of the points that contribute a lot to its importance.
  • Avoid Offensive Language: The first point that contributes to the importance of using euphemisms in writing is that it avoids the use of offensive language. It makes the everyday conversation about routine topics less offensive and embarrassing.
  • Brings Variety: The second thing that makes it important is its ability to bring variety to any kind of writing. Using soft and delicate words rather than routine words makes the writing more poetic.
  • Give Insights Into Writing: The way the writer uses euphemisms to describe different situations tells a lot about the writing. The English language is full of colourful euphemisms. So, they give too many insights into the type of writing.

What Is The Purpose Of Euphemism In Writing?

The use of euphemisms in writing can soften the meaning of very offensive and embarrassing topics. But this is just its one purpose. The purpose of this figurative language changes depending on the context of the writing. Therefore, a description of its major purposes is as follows:

Euphemism To Comfort

Its first purpose is to offer a way to reduce the tension in the text. The use of euphemistic words and phrases makes everyone comfortable with the writing. This language serves the purpose of talking to others without causing them any kind of harm.

Euphemism To Disguise

Euphemism also serves as the language of disguise. It can hide the true meaning of something and explain that in another way. Most researchers or writers do it intentionally to disorient the readers from the real meaning. The implications of this purpose of euphemism cannot be taken lightly. The writer uses it for his own purpose.

Euphemism To Shield

Using euphemisms in writing also means making a shield against unpleasant, offensive, and embarrassing language. As it softens the meaning of the harsh words, it serves the purpose of a shield. At their best, euphemisms have very polite connotations.

Euphemism To Spin

Euphemism also serves the purpose of a spin. Mostly, bureaucrats and politicians make use of this purpose of euphemism. They trick their audience and listeners with the use of euphemisms and hide the true meaning of the words.


Conclusively, euphemism is all about changing the context of something and describing it in another context. It serves different purposes, like making the writing comfortable, acting as a shield against offensive words, and spinning the words’ original meanings. Using euphemisms is advantageous for writers who want to bring variety to their writing.

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